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So Persisting and Nikiya have this super amazing RP/GW universe that I find myself increasingly fascinated with—the amount of work they’ve put into it is astounding—and they have these character designs and concepts and models that I think are fabulous, so I wanted to try my hand at drawing their GW head!children.  Any mistakes are obviously mine, and any remaining awesome is obviously theirs.  Let them know what you think and hit them up for info about their character blogs, which I’ve been stalking hungrily for agessss.  Left to right and top to bottom, we’ve got 1, 2, R, 3, 4, and 5, and I really hope at least that much was obvious despite the lack of color and well-drawnness.  I worked off specific pics in a few cases—can you guess who the faces models were?

OOC :Its official’s we are letting my dad go .

We just  had a family meeting  and  all ready made the finale decisions  of withdrawing  him from the life surport  there is nothing we can do he  has  no brain activity while  in coma .  My mom had her second opinion on my dad latest  condtions  and  that 2nd doctor say the same thing  as  the first doctor  have told  her on Tuesday . 

 Meaning  if  he  wakes up from his coma  he would have another  heart attack and  this time will be fatal  and if  we prolong him  to stay on life support  any more longer  he will suffer  and we don’t  want that beside  it was  my dad  last wishes  if  something bad happen to him  in the hospital  he wants  us  to  pull the plug . 

 So We humbly choose Sunday to finale  release him from his pain , me and my older sibling  going to say our last good bye on Sunday morning .  

 I’m  ready to  let him go  i know  he  will be a better place , a place where there are no more  pain .   Thank you  for  all of yours throughts  , prayers  and well wishes . 

Much Aloha  and  God Bless , 

Sommer .

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